Victor Henriquez Morales


About Victor

Victor Henriquez Morales is more than just a designer and entrepreneur. He loses himself body and soul in the sensual facets of life – most of all in fashion, art and photography.

But Victor's passion for the beautiful and fine didn´t come about by chance. He was born with a natural flair. From the very beginning the self-made visionary with Chilean roots had a soft spot for fashion and lifestyle. Even in his hometown Munich he felt the creative streak in himself. Now he just needed a place where he could live it out as he pleased best. After stints in Los Angeles, Valencia and Barcelona, Victor Morales found his roots in Ibiza.

At the Mediterranean place of longing his dreams and visions can unfold freely.

The beginning:

Victor Henriquez Morales is a fashion and lifestyle lover who lets his actions speak for themselves. At the age of only 19 he founded his first own company and fashion label which was sold exclusively online. FELIZIANO he called his passion at the time. With a lot of diligence, part-time jobs and believing in something big, he financed his first collection. 

And the courage paid off. At the age of 23, Victor Morales already ran his first big business with more than 25 employees. But that was just the beginning. He quickly discovered his entrepreneurial potential and used it to found five more companies. Whether in the field of fashion & lifestyle - the creative free spirit turned his ideas into success.

During his intensive start-up period he also experienced one or two setbacks. His biggest challenge: the insolvency of the business that he had just founded. But the designer didn't let this hold him back. On the contrary: For him, failure was a valuable lesson. Full of enthusiasm and a thirst for success, he got back on his feet and boosted his entrepreneurial career with creditable new experiences.

The commitment has paid off. Today Victor Henriquez Morales is the proud co-founder of the luxury marketing agency Morales & Scheuerer. He is also the founder and owner of the labels - The Men Behind and Victor Morales.

His personal secret of success:
If you do something, do something big

A few impressions of
Victors work and life



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