World of Luxury Dreams


Our vision

What is luxury for you? For us luxury is the exceptionally beautiful. It is the special details in life when we celebrate ourselves. Sometimes with a fine scent, with an exclusive accessory or with a silky touch on the skin - the main thing is that it feels special.

But this special feeling doesn´t come by itself. It has to be created first exclusively. With lot of devotion, sensitivity and passion. It stimulates all our senses, soul and gives us a feeling of wellness.

May we create this glamorous aftertaste for you? As an experienced luxury marketing agency we understand what luxury must feel like.

Our promise: Because of our marketing expertise your brand will also become a sensual emotional experience. Dank unserer Marketing-Expertise wird auch Deine Marke zur sinnlichen Gefühlsexplosion.

The art of story telling

What is the secret of strong campaigns and products which are responsible for success? It's the stories they tell. They gently take customers on a journey and fill their memories with captivating experiences. One thing is beyond question: You won´t forget this sensory ride any time soon.

It is precisely this sensory ride that is considered a guarantee of business success. From now on the customer associates your goods with a touch of exclusivity, adventure and the art of seduction. You will want to explore this stimulation ride again soon.

There is one challenge: Good stories are a masterpiece. Not everyone can produce this art. Only a few have a fine eye for this special something. Fortunately we can count ourselves as one of them. Our creative luxury marketing agency always has innovative ideas to create. We take you into a fantasy world filled with excitement and luxury thrills.

But enter with caution: once you are inside our fantasy world you don´t want to leave the luxury dreams we create. Our storytelling is addictive. Because hand on heart: who could say no to these dreamy backdrops?


Let´s make history together

A skilled storyteller alone doesn´t make luxury dreams. It takes a team of creative minds. That's exactly why we don't approach our storytelling on our own. We have the best team on board, poeple that live for their work.

We write success stories with combined forces and bundled ideas- from the first to the last chapter.

About Victor

Victor Henriquez Morales is more than just a designer and entrepreneur. He loses himself body and soul in the sensual facets of life – most of all in fashion, art and photography.

But Victor's passion for the beautiful and fine didn´t come about by chance. He was born with a natural flair. From the very beginning the self-made visionary with Chilean roots had a soft spot for fashion and lifestyle. Even in his hometown Munich he felt the creative streak in himself. Now he just needed a place where he could live it out as he pleased best. After stints in Los Angeles, Valencia and Barcelona, Victor Morales found his roots in Ibiza.

At the Mediterranean place of longing his dreams and visions can unfold freely.

The beginning:

Victor Henriquez Morales is a fashion and lifestyle lover who lets his actions speak for themselves. At the age of only 19 he founded his first own company and fashion label which was sold exclusively online. FELIZIANO he called his passion at the time. With a lot of diligence, part-time jobs and believing in something big, he financed his first collection. 

And the courage paid off. At the age of 23, Victor Morales already ran his first big business with more than 25 employees. But that was just the beginning. He quickly discovered his entrepreneurial potential and used it to found five more companies. Whether in the field of fashion & lifestyle - the creative free spirit turned his ideas into success.

During his intensive start-up period he also experienced one or two setbacks. His biggest challenge: the insolvency of the business that he had just founded. But the designer didn't let this hold him back. On the contrary: For him, failure was a valuable lesson. Full of enthusiasm and a thirst for success, he got back on his feet and boosted his entrepreneurial career with creditable new experiences.

The commitment has paid off. Today Victor Henriquez Morales is the proud co-founder of the luxury marketing agency Morales & Scheuerer. He is also the founder and owner of the labels - The Men Behind and Victor Morales.

His personal secret of success:
If you do something, do something big

A few impressions of
Victors work and life


About Florian

Florian Scheuerer knows what success feels like. Right from the start he had a storybook career. The starting signal for his professional advancement was fired immediately after graduating from high school. Full of enthusiasm and commitment he throws himself into university life - with great success. The crowning glory - a solid bachelor's and master's degree in media & marketing (1.0).

During his studies, Florian already got the taste of corporate life – at none other than BMW. At the famous Bavarian car manufacturer he gained his first valuable practical experience. But the visionary had other ideas about success. He liked the start-up character. So he turned his back on BMW and proved his skills at the 21Sportsgroup. He used his expertise in marketing.

"It's nice, but not necessarily my style," Florian quickly states. He felt born for something bigger. The desire of freedom of his creativity has grown. He wanted to be his own boss to realize his imaginations. No sooner said than done, Florian Scheuerer dares to take the most important step in his life to become self-employed. His dream to feel the direct contact with the customer came true.

Agency Morales & Scheuerer - the way into professional freedom

In 2019 together with Victor Henriquez Morales he founded the agency Morales & Scheuerer. From now on he can finally freely develop his creative finesse and his solid marketing know-how.

Doch die Agentur Morales & Scheuerer ist nicht der einzige Meilenstein in seiner Karriere als Unternehmer. Florian Scheuerer hat noch ein weiteres unternehmerisches Ass im Ärmel – die Sirona Vital GmbH. Als Gesellschafter-Geschäftsführer lebt er hier seinen Traum von beruflicher Freiheit und Unabhängigkeit.

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